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Benefits of Aggieland Green’s Deep Root Fertilization

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization  

Deep Root Fertilization treatments are very important to the overall health and wellness of your trees and shrubs! After all, you fertilize your turfgrass and flowers, right? In many cases, the fertilizers that are applied to the turfgrass and landscaping beds, although slightly beneficial, do not provide enough nutrients that your tree roots need. Generally, these topical fertilizers are surface fertilization and designed to penetrate just deep enough within your soil’s surface to feed the root system of your turfgrass and flowers, but do not soak deep enough within your soil for trees to absorb. In turn, this leaves your trees open to nutrient deficiencies!  

Do your trees need deep root feeding?

Most landscaping in urban settings such as homes or retail spaces are depleted of nutrients, and room for root growth due to architecture, or are brought in and re-planted, so they are relocated from their natural habitats. Think about areas where there is nothing but trees and foliage! These trees have all the room they need to grow and access to the necessary micronutrients and organic matter needed to thrive. Landscape plants or landscape trees are grown offsite, then removed, re-potted, and eventually to be replanted in your lawn or landscape without much opportunity to allow their roots to grow to their maximum capacity. Additionally, they are generally very young, so they have not had the opportunity to establish natural tolerance to the high pressure from soil compaction, air pollution, or pests, all while now competing for nutrient availability with concrete, turfgrass, and other landscaping. Did you know? Your tree’s drip line extends to the outermost circumference of the tree’s branches! This means a large tree needs lots of space to grow and access the nutrients they need. They may even be in a location where they must obtain most of their nutrient through landscaping mulch, which is not near enough healthy soil to promote healthy trees. This is where the experts and our arborist-grade liquid fertilizers come in to meet your tree’s needs!  

Signs that Your Trees & Shrubs Need Our Help

At first glance, you may not realize how beneficial a deep root feeding would be for your tree! Although pest and disease control is not included in treatment, it can help promote growth which in turn will help them withstand high pressures from these types of stressors. Some key indicators that your trees need our help are:

  • Yellowing
  • Little output or growth seasonally or annually
  • Dry, brittle leaves
  • Pest infestations
  • Small foliage
  • Thinning canopies
  • Branch exposure

Aggieland Green’s Custom Slow-Release Fertilizer  

Through a one-time soil injection, Aggieland Green offers a slow-release fertilizer that is applied to the root zone of your shade trees. This treatment is made up of all the important nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous that your trees need in order to reach their optimal health. Many homeowners who tackle the DIY approach may not be able to locate products specific to the needs of their shade trees, so Aggieland Green and our expert lawn care and tree care are here to help and take that stress off of your busy schedule! Through our Spring or Fall Deep Root Fertilization treatment, we will provide your trees with a single-dose deep root feeding that is designed to supply your trees with the essential nutrients needed to grow and thrive, aside from your usual lawn fertilization.  

Our Deep Root Fertilization treatment will encourage growth throughout your tree’s canopy, and root zones, which will help create a favorable growing medium, in turn, leading to the overall health of your trees. This will also make your trees more tolerant to pest infestation, yellowing, drought, disease, and other stressors!  

When We Schedule  

Aggieland Green schedules our Deep Root Fertilization service in the fall, primarily. The fall is the most beneficial time to schedule, as this is the time in the season when nutrients are most deficient. Trees attempt to prep themselves for the fall season by gradually dehydrating themselves throughout the year. Most trees will drop their leaves during the fall and winter as well, to help conserve energy. Since the Deep Root Fertilization lasts for one year, the trees have those nutrients readily available for their upcoming growing season the following spring and summer. Aggieland Green can also schedule a Deep Root Fertilization in the springtime for the current season, but we would suggest a re-application in the fall so the trees have the nutrients for the following season!