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N-Ext Air8 Liquid Aeration

liquid lawn aeration

What is liquid aeration?

We are so glad you asked.  

Aggieland Green offers an innovative lawn aeration technique using a liquid aeration product called N-Ext Air8. Instead of using the heavy, core aeration machines that break up compacted soil by removing plugs of soil and leaving them on your lawn, we apply a biological spray that is jam-packed with nutrients such as potash, humates (humic acid), and even sea kelp! 

Liquid lawn aeration treatment is designed to loosen the soil structure on a smaller scale by creating pore space in the organic matter beneath your lawn. The liquid solution saturates the lawn and sends nutrients into the soil. The resulting pore space then allows for more air, water, nutrients, and our custom-blended fertilizers to make their way down deeper within your soil’s profile. This encourages your grasses root systems to bury deep within your soil, which in turn, leads to an overall healthier lawn that is more tolerable to things such as stress, drought, and disease!  

In the world of lawn care, it is well known that an aerated lawn leads to a healthier root zone and overall healthier lawn. Both traditional core aeration and liquid aeration have been shown to offer benefits to numerous benefits to grass roots.

Benefits of liquid aeration

Liquid aeration solutions offer homeowners more choices and the service is typically less expensive than mechanical aeration. With our groundbreaking technique, your lawn is guaranteed to get 100% coverage! N-Ext Air8 also avoids the need to flag any interior sprinkler heads, worry about potential damage to shallow electrical or internet lines, and no mess is left behind. That’s a major headache alleviated altogether! Oh, and another plus – this service can be performed at any time throughout the season!   

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