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Keep Your Lawn Healthy All Year

As time goes on, it’s normal to see your grass thin and droop and for brown patches to appear. While it’s not pleasant to look at, the fix is a simple and highly effective one. Look to Aggieland Green when it’s time to fortify your lawn with the best liquid aeration service in Texas! 

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Liquid Aeration in Texas

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Over the course of a normal year, your lawn gets put through a lot. From routine foot traffic to keep up with Texas’ volatile weather, it’s common for its soil to become compacted and nutrient-deficient. When that happens, its overall health can deteriorate quickly. Fortunately, our liquid aeration in Texas can prevent this from happening altogether! Performed by the sort of trained lawn care technicians that you’ll find at Aggieland Green, aeration can provide your lawn with numerous long-lasting benefits, including:

  • Loosened soil which grassroots can penetrate with ease.
  • Increased levels of soil oxygen and nutrients.
  • Easier access to groundwater.
  • A significant reduction in levels of standing water on your lawn. 
  • Fewer instances of lawn disease and fungus.
  • A healthier plant that can outgrow weeds and resist pests.
  • A healthier, more vibrant appearance.

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Trust our Local Expertise

We don’t need to tell you how hard it can be to grow a healthy yard here in Texas. With searing heat, intense sun, and stretches of brutal cold, your grass is exposed to more than its fair share of challenges. This is why you need a lawn care company with the hands-on experience you can count on. Since 2008, we‘ve provided exceptional service in College Station and Bryan and are ready to go to work for you today! 

Why Choose Liquid Aeration?

Conventional hole-punch aeration is a proven lawn care maintenance technique, so why go a different direction and choose liquid aeration? While the conventional core method certainly does the job, it comes with several significant drawbacks, including:

  • Unsightly soil plugs on your lawn.
  • Long healing times.
  • Potential damage to underground pipes and power lines.

At Aggieland Green, we’re proud to offer dependable, safe, and hassle-free liquid lawn aeration with the top-of-the-line N-Ext Air-8 System. With this revolutionary procedure replacing outdated core aeration, you can expect:

  • Easier, faster, and more uniform soil penetration.
  • No incidental damage to your lawn or fixtures.
  • The fostering of denser grassroots that can resist droughts. 
  • Greater coverage over a wider area, including spots that conventional aeration can’t access. 
  • Increased effectiveness with each treatment.

“Good enough” simply isn’t good enough for us when it comes to working on your lawn care needs. So when you’re in need of a quality aeration service, look to the company that puts the most up-to-date methods to work for you! 

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

When choosing a lawn care company, you need to know that your every need will be met without question. That’s why we back every service we provide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Our work isn’t over until you’re happy and if our service doesn't meet your expectations, we’ll do everything we can to make things right. Simply let us know and we’ll come back to your home to perform any necessary re-treatments at no additional cost to you. Simply put, your peace of mind and happiness come first when you choose Aggieland Green!

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