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Houston Mosquito Control Services  

Mosquito control to protect your home and family – guaranteed.

Mosquitoes are a common problem in Houston, Texas, and they can be a real nuisance for homeowners and businesses alike. Not only do these blood-sucking pests leave itchy, annoying bites, but they can also transmit dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus and Zika virus. That’s why mosquito control services are so important, and Houston area homeowners can trust the team at Aggieland Green for mosquito control and protection.  

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Local, Affordable Mosquito Treatment in Houston  

Established in 2008, Aggieland Green is a lawn and pest control company serving the greater Houston area. We provide effective and affordable mosquito control services that are built to prevent and control mosquito activity around your home and family. We understand what attracts mosquitos and how to stop them.   

Say Goodbye to Mosquito Bites 

Our mosquito control program is based on a comprehensive approach that targets mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle. From locating and removing breeding sites in areas of standing water to mosquito fogging treatment in areas where adult mosquitos settle. We recommend treatments 21-30 days apart throughout the peak mosquito season.

Our pricing is based on the square footage of your property and our program includes:  

  • Guaranteed mosquito reduction by fogging areas of dense foliage like bushes, trees, and well-shaded areas of the property  
  • A tailored treatment plan to reduce the mosquito population around your home and prevent future breeding sites  
  • Our trained technicians will provide tips, advice, and education along the way to make sure you know how to limit the presence of mosquitos in your outdoor space  
  • Our team will notify you with a text or call the day before each scheduled mosquito control treatment  
  • Treatments will include a follow-up email summarizing the services we performed as well as notes from your personal pest control technicians  

Be sure to ask us about bundling! We offer lawn care services and mosquito control in Houston, Magnolia, Cypress, Tomball, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas.   

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Professional Mosquito Control from Local Experts   

Our lawn care specialists are trained in how to effectively treat and prevent further mosquito activity. This includes identifying and eliminating breeding sites like areas of standing water, applying barrier treatments to prevent adult mosquitoes from entering the area, and using larvicides to control the mosquito population before they become adults. Certified and licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Aggieland Green is the company you can trust to protect your Houston home from invasive mosquito populations.   

In addition to mosquito control, Aggieland Green also offers a range of other lawn care and pest control services that can help keep your Houston lawn and landscape healthy and thriving such as:

  • Core and Liquid Lawn Aeration  
  • Perimeter Pest Control  
  • Customized Lawn Care Programs   
  • Tree and Shrub Treatments 
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Take Back Your Space with a Satisfaction Guarantee   

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable solution to your mosquito problem in the Houston area, look no further than Aggieland Green. Our comprehensive approach, family-friendly products, and experienced technicians make us the top choice for mosquito control in Houston, Tomball, Cypress, and surrounding communities. Contact us today to get a quote or to schedule your first mosquito control treatment. 

We provide mosquito control in the following cities: Bryan, College Station, Cypress, Magnolia, and The Woodlands