Core Aeration in East-Central Texas

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Aggieland Green Core Aeration in East-Central Texas

Core Aeration to Boost Your Lawn’s Health

Residents in College Station, Bryan, and surrounding areas can trust Aggieland Green for quality Core Aeration for their lawns.

Texas lawns become compacted and worn down over time due to weather, foot traffic, and regular mowing. Core aeration is a crucial annual maintenance practice that serves as a breath of fresh air for your lawn. Aggieland Green is a local, trusted lawn care company out of College Station, TX that offers premium lawn care and aeration services. With both options available, core and liquid aeration, homeowners can rely on Aggieland Green to prepare their lawns for a successful summer in the Texas heat. Contact us today for a free quote on core aeration for your lawn!

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Professional Lawn Care in College Station and Houston, TX

Aggieland Green offers quality lawn care services including weed control and fertilization programs, lawn pest control, lawn aeration, and more. We service the areas of Bryan, College Station, Brazos Valley, Magnolia, and The Woodlands. Our knowledgeable team of lawn care specialists can help guide you to the lawn of your dreams. Core aeration is the first step to improving your lawn’s health and appearance!

Benefits of Core Aeration for Your Lawn

Core aeration is performed by perforating the lawn surface with a machine that pulls 1–2-inch plugs from the soil. The cores are deposited back onto the lawn, working their way back into the soil naturally. An Aggieland Green core aeration provides numerous valuable benefits for your central Texas lawn.

  • Cores create new space in the soil to encourage root systems to spread promoting thicker growth
  • Alleviates compaction and reduces thatch in your lawn
  • Improves airflow and absorption of crucial nutrients your lawn needs to thrive
  • Improves your lawn’s efficiency and water intake
  • Aeration makes your lawn less susceptible to common lawn diseases and weed breakthrough
  • Promotes a thicker, denser lawn, improving your lawn’s overall health and appearance
  • Aeration cores left on the lawn contain microorganisms that provide additional nutrients for the soil
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Why Choose Aggieland Green for Core Aeration Services

Aggieland Green has been providing Texas residents with top-level lawn care treatment since 2008. In our years of experience, we’ve provided beautiful results for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns through lawn aeration. Our team will provide easy communication with you prior to your aeration and educate you on how to prepare the lawn in order to see the best results. We provide watering and mowing recommendations prior to your core aeration, to better allow the machinery to penetrate your lawn’s root systems. While we also offer liquid, we’re happy to provide the option of core aeration for lawns dealing with excessive thatch and compaction. Core aeration delivers additional nutrients to your lawn as the soil cores naturally work their way back into your lawn. Regardless of which route is the best fit for you, your lawn is in great hands with Aggieland Green. Contact us today for a core aeration quote or to learn why core aeration may be the best choice for you.

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Texas Lawn Care with a Satisfaction Guarantee

At Aggieland Green, we’re not happy unless you are! Our goal is to provide the highest-quality services to achieve the best results on your lawn. If your expectations are not met, we’ll do everything we can to make things right. We offer free service calls for return visits upon your request. Just give us a call! If you’re looking for a local lawn care company that provides top-notch service, great customer service, and beautiful results, contact our team at Aggieland Green today!

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